IPW is a gateway to loads of possibilities and opportunities in business process management and documentation control

Viraj Pandithasekera, Assistant General Manager – Integrated Systems,
MAKEEN Energy, Sri Lanka


Built upon the IPW platform, our Group’s Management System portal, MMS, has helped revolutionize the way we conduct business. Our system has become a cornerstone of our organization’s digital transformation journey and has optimized quality, safety, and environmental management tremendously by replacing a wide range of outdated document formats and templates with centrally managed, globally accessible digital forms and documents.

Now, our subsidiaries worldwide can rely on standardized forms and documents, ensuring reliable processes no matter where we operate. The days of drowning in countless emails, paper-based check sheets, and documents are long gone.


Gamechanger: ‘Just’ Reporting to Business Intelligence

Initially, the IPW platform was used for digital forms and documents with a focus on quality and production. Over time, we expanded its usage to meet ISO 9001/14001/45001 standards, ensuring adherence throughout the organization.

Today, one of the most significant milestones in our journey has been the conversion of our extensive database into actionable business intelligence. With the assistance of the IPW team, we successfully established a connection between our management system database and our BI dashboards. As a result, we now provide operational and business insights to management teams across our global organization.


Optimizing the system: With assistance from a Support Dream Team

The IPW platform continues to impress with its state-of-the-art functions and features while maintaining its inherent flexibility and ease of use. And with the backing of the IPW support team at our disposal we are assured that our IPW system stays at its best.


Group management system platform with customized user domains

Employees use a global management platform based on ISO standards, customized for different subsidiaries and departments.

Configuration of BI dashboard

BI dashboards transform a wealth of data into business intelligence, helping managers and operations teams make informed decisions based on facts and figures.

Well-developed language versioning

Language version options to present important information and guidelines in a user-friendly way to frontend users, particularly beneficial for compliance and security purposes.

“It doesn’t feel like we’re working from Sri Lanka. As the system administrator, it’s like I’m part of the IPW team!”


Viraj Pandithasekera, Integrated Systems Manager,

MAKEEN Energy, Sri Lanka


About MAKEEN Energy

MAKEEN Energy is a leading global player in the energy industry. The company’s portfolio includes equipment and service, facility management, gas filling facilities, bunkering solutions for natural gas/biogas, solar-powered street lighting, and power plants that convert plastic waste into a resource. MAKEEN Energy employs approximately 3,600 people across 6 continents and operates in over 140 countries.

Global management system with local implementation