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IPW offers state-of-the-art software for quality management


About IPW

IPW pushes quality management, management reporting, and production optimization to new heights with a user-friendly all-in-one solution.

IPW wants to be your go-to for full-service software solutions for management reporting, quality management, production optimization, and everything in between. Our software is created on visions, trust, and involvement from our users to ensure the best usability.

Our goal is not to become the world’s largest provider of quality management software, but being the best? That is an entirely different story. More than anything, we aim to be known for setting new standards in how far you can go with quality management.

  • IPW has more than +100.000 active users
  • We have helped automate and optimize the quality management of +500 businesses
  • We are used to working with all kinds of businesses and organizational structures. Small and large-scale. Local and multinational.

”We want to be the preferred provider of management systems that turns the complex simple and makes it relevant and reliable. That is what we are chasing. That is our purpose.”

-Anita Larsen, CEO at IPW Systems A/S

Digital Innovation Since 1998

At the core of IPW is our commitment to explore new technologies and constantly enhance our user experience. That’s why we’re always in close collaboration with our customers and network. With their insights, we can aim high and figure out what to tackle first, in the smartest way possible.

Our main goal? To offer a flexible, high-end framework that enables our customers to build and expand their management and quality management system without being dependent on IPW every step of the way.


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