Do your colleagues see all important information?

Ensure that your employees receive important information.


Read Check

Get documentation that shows relevant employees actually read central descriptions.

The entire quality management of your organization relies on one fundamental assumption: that everyone follows the internally adopted procedures and business processes. Because if not everyone does, the entire value chain can quickly become seriously challenged.

With IPW Read Check, you get a clear and easily accessible tool that requests a receipt from users for each selected document that you consider relevant.

Also, users actively confirm that they have seen and addressed the latest, new revision.

In some cases, such as audits and certifications, you may also need documentation that central procedural descriptions and published changes have been read by the employees who need them.

Key Features:

  • Selected relevant users receive an email reminder about the new version.
  • Users are shown the change log for document revisions.
  • Clear marking of ‘Read.’
  • The read check function is linked to the ‘Relevant for’ field on individual documents.
  • Reminder function with reminder emails to users who have not yet acknowledged having read and understood the document.

Easy to acknowledge

On each document, you can choose which users need to acknowledge that they have read and understood all new versions. Relevant users receive a reminder to respond, and you have an easy way to collect Read and Understand receipts.

Easy to tackle bottlenecks

At the top of a document, it is clear whether receipts have been received or not. You have an overview of who and how many still need to acknowledge. And you have the ability to send reminders to those who have not taken action.

Documentation for audits

With user confirmation, you have documentation that they have received and addressed the change in a central instruction. This is a requirement for several labels and certifications.

“… We built the framework ourselves by setting up menus and transferring everything from the old system. From there, we handle one document at a time. If the document is still relevant, we update it and send it out to all users with ‘Read and Understand.’”


-Tommy Oldenburg Christensen, Head of Quality
Koatek A/S