Visual consistency with SOP Instructions


Are you struggling with the setup of SOPs?

With IPW SOP Instructions, you can easily standardize and manage content with a consistent appearance, even over time.

SOP, or Standard Operating Procedures, are detailed work descriptions designed to ensure that important tasks are performed as planned.

With well-structured SOP descriptions, your colleagues will know exactly how to execute all procedures, hereby minimizing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

That said, SOP is a great idea. But if you work as a quality manager, perhaps you recognize the following:

  • Multiple individuals in the organization create instructions.
  • And they create them in different ways.
  • And they store them in various places that nobody has (completely) organized.

With IPW SOP Instructions, you ensure consistency without exceptions! Users of the forms only need to focus on one thing: generating content.

Key features:

  • IPW SOP Instructions are user-friendly and easily implementable forms with step-by-step instructions.
  • Visual instructions with photos help eliminate text-heavy descriptions and the risk of misunderstandings.
  • Adjustable layout, such as changing logo identity/design manual.
  • The document is filled out slightly differently than other IPW documents but is integrated equally with documents involving approval procedures and revision control.

Bye to text-heavy instructions

Reduce the risk of errors, interpretations, and misunderstandings about how things should be done. Here is the help to create visual and easily accessible work descriptions in the right way, ensuring that the relevant employees understand them.

Substantial time saving

Make it easy to create and maintain a user-friendly SOP template. The average time saved in document editing is up to 80%. You can also choose to delegate the task of creating guidelines within the organization.

Retain knowledge

Build and gather all work instructions for routine tasks in one living system so that knowledge is retained even when employees are replaced. And knowledge of how to perform a task most efficiently is not lost when the employee in question leaves the company and takes their knowledge with them.

“We have an SOP form that standardizes and provides consistency in our instructions. We have chosen to enhance the SOP with videos because we have a lot of machine changeovers, and with videos, you can show precisely where to press and make edits here and there.”


-Christian M. Sørensen, Digitalization Manager


IPW SOP Instructions_avatar

Who wouldn’t want to save 80% of formatting time?

Because we work with knowledge sharing, technology, and digitalization on a daily basis, a recurring question always arises: How can we avoid our work instructions becoming a mess when many people are creating them?

Our answer is: SOP.

SOPs are standardized work instructions that explain in detail how to perform a specific task or procedure. Hence the name SOP, Standard Operating Procedure. SOPs describe a single activity in a process, not to be confused with overarching processes and business workflows.

With IPW SOP Instructions, users save approximately 80% of formatting time when documenting the fastest and most efficient way to complete a task. There is no doubt about how SOPs should be created, and the relevant employees find them easy to understand.

It’s a win-win.