Is it time to digitize all registrations?

– simple, digital registration and case management


IPW Registration

IPW Registration systematizes procedures and workflows and provides excellent statistical data foundation.

Do you find it difficult and time-consuming to go through complex processes just to register customer complaints, deviations, improvement proposals, and corrective actions?

With IPW Registration you can quickly convert registrations from Word and Excel to a database system that includes all procedures and workflows.

IPW Registration consists of the five most used QM registration forms: Deviations, Corrective and Preventive Actions, Improvement Proposals, IPW Complaints, and Audits.

You can easily set up IPW Registration to fully customize it to your company – even without an IT background.

Key Features:

  • Database solution with a statistics module and clear responsibility allocation.
  • Automatic, workflow-based task management adapted to the current pattern of use.
  • Traceability with an audit trail
  • Validation of field completion.
  • Automatic email notifications for responsibility allocation and reminders about missing activity.

Registration that anyone can manage.

Experience simple registration and case management based on a predefined workflow. Users cannot proceed if necessary data is not completed.

Fact-based overview

You get a solid data foundation for statistical extractions. The experiences can be used 1:1 in connection with decisions on prevention and optimization.

Clear task management

Clear responsibility allocation and traceability of registered cases and status: Who did what, why, and when.

“The form and registration part were the primary reasons for choosing IPW. We use many registrations and needed an easier way to build forms for complicated processes, involving task processing such as deviations, audits, goods receipts, etc. This was not an option in our old system.”


Eric Clausen, QES Manager,
FREJA Transport & Logistics