Communication for (fast) sharing?

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IPW Post Board

Make the old-school bulletin board digital and lay the foundation for much better collaboration among all employees.

A lot of quality-related news or updates from departments tend to get lost on the intranet. Nobody pays attention to the good old bulletin board anymore. Employees are busy and on the move. Assuming they catch up on news and shared posts doesn’t work.

With IPW Bulletin Board, you get a digital bulletin board that creates visibility and ensures smooth online communication across teams and departments.

At the same time, IPW Bulletin Board establishes the groundwork for much better collaboration among all employees, even at the department level, there is no doubt about that.

Key Features:

  • Can be used individually in each department and across departments.
  • A post can be displayed on a specific bulletin board, on multiple selected boards, or across all the boards being used.
  • Six types of messages with color definition.
  • No limitations on the number of post boards.

Fast online communication

Make it easy to highlight all departmental and quality-related news, which too often get lost in the noise and flow of everyday life.

Valuable knowledge sharing

Give employees the opportunity to quickly share knowledge. Departments and teams can create and share relevant posts with each other, even across departments.

A common reference point

Use IPW Bulletin Board for intranet-like activities and focus the spotlight on internal initiatives organized by, for example, the employee association.

“We now have a place to store all the documents that were previously kept in physical folders – everything is stored in IPW, which also ensures good internal communication through the Bulletin Board with links to today’s visitors, the cafeteria menu, and customer stories that show our employees why it’s important for us to make an effort. Regenerate response”


– Tommy Oldenburg Christensen, Head of Quality
Koatek A/S