Challenged with (timely) maintenance?

– Get digital control of machines, regular maintenance, and required inspections


IPW Maintenance

Get easy and seamless handling of machine control, maintenance, and legally required inspections. The benefits include significant savings and best practices.

Every time a machine needs maintenance, you may be forced to spend time searching for information on previous maintenance and repairs, such as looking for spare parts diagrams, electrical documentation, and hydraulic documentation, contacting the appropriate spare parts supplier, or reaching out to a technician or electrician.

These tasks can be time-consuming in a busy everyday schedule.

With IPW Maintenance, you get an easily accessible overview of maintenance, inspections, and repairs—all in one place.

With all the data in hand, you ensure that your production runs smoothly while keeping track of when machines and equipment need maintenance, phase-out, or upgrades.

Key Features:

  • Automatic updates and current status indication for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Registration of replaced spare parts.
  • History of past and upcoming maintenance.
  • Attached documentation, drawings, contact persons, and other information relevant to each individual unit.
  • Both fixed and flexible statistical overview with the option to sort views according to your preference.

Ahead-of-time overview

You have a 100% overview of all information related to your machinery, consolidated in a management tool that is much simpler than traditional specialized maintenance systems.

Minimal downtime

Reduce the risk of operational downtime and costly production disruptions to a minimum. Timely planning streamlines ongoing maintenance and prevents wear and tear, ensuring that all equipment remains in good condition.

Control over maintenance costs

Focus on your experience. Here, you have a solid statistical foundation for minimizing service costs. Full history provides valuable data for operations, certification, and business development.

“We have already created 1,300 pieces of equipment in IPW Maintenance. It is a huge help for budgeting and planning legally required inspections and calibrations.”


– Alex Christensen, QHSE Manager
Caljan A/S