Here’s your user-friendly tool for creating digital registrations


IPW Form

Be completely in sync with where a case or assignment is, who is responsible, which decisions have been made, and how to find supporting documentation.

With IPW Form, you can easily and simply create case systems that standardize and streamline a wide range of registrations and reporting procedures – without losing track or requiring help from IT staff!

IPW Form also allows you to modify the 5 standard forms included in IPW Registration and customize them as you see fit. These forms include Deviations, Audits, Improvement Proposals, Corrective Actions, and Customer Complaints.


Key features:

  • Data development tool with its own definition of workflow that reflects the process of your case handling.
  • Integration and data exchange with the underlying ERP system which ensures pre-filling of fields in each form.
  • Visibility of the status and responsibility for case handling.
  • Automatic email notifications when there is a change in status or a shift in responsibility.


Key features:

  • Digital reporting, processing, and management of data
  • Automated workflow that provides faster response times, fewer bottlenecks, more systematization, and reliability in individual processes
  • Validation of inputs that ensures extremely high data quality.
  • Easy task management with clear division of responsibility.


“With the new form, our workflow has been streamlined for everyone, and we save around an hour daily in administration. Naturally, we are very pleased with that.”


– Kristina Sloth Nielsen, OSK Shiptech