The easy solution for data filtering

IPW Business Units

Subdivide documents based on business units and separate all types of registrations according to their associations within the organization.

With IPW Business Units, documents and registrations are automatically shared between one or more business units. 


This eliminates the need to restrict and filter data across your organization’s segments, production sites, divisions, and markets. 


At the user level, business units are accessible to everyone. However, each user is typically only shown documents that are relevant to their business unit. 



  • Different business units can share the same solution but remain automatically separated. 
  • Users typically only see documents from their own business unit. 
  • Easy access to information about other business units. 
  • Consolidated and easily accessible overview for administrators. 

Key features: 

  • Associates business units with documents, form entries, users, user groups, profiles, categories, column layouts, and quick filters.
  • Universal across forms and registrations.
  • Documents can be linked to multiple business units or not be linked to any specific business unit to indicate that the document is relevant to all.
  • Documents are automatically linked to the same business unit as the user.
  • Users can still have access to view (and be inspired by) information in other business units.