Be one step ahead by utilizing existing data


Integration with Third-Party Systems

IPW solutions can be integrated with your financial system (ERP) and a wide range of third-party programs.

The philosophy is to gain a competitive advantage by utilizing existing data. This eliminates several cost-heavy work processes with no value creation, especially when it comes to multiple complaint systems.


Integration Options

  • IPW can be directly integrated with systems based on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, mySQL, PostgreSQL, and any systems that support access via ODBC. This includes all common ERP systems.
  • We can also base our data access on file-based repositories such as CSV files, Excel files, Access databases, and similar formats.
  • Finally, we can design integration based on advanced techniques like Remote Procedure Calls (XMLRPC, SOAP) or by embedding information in a presentation layout from other user interfaces.


Integration can be made directly with the data source that contains the desired data. This approach is particularly interesting if we only retrieve data from ERP systems, for example.

For more complex scenarios where data also needs to be returned to the ERP system, we will collaborate to establish a suitable interface connecting both systems. This interface will facilitate seamless data exchange without compromising updates or the ongoing development of the products involved.

We often use a combination of different integration techniques: Relatively static data (e.g., customer registry and product catalog) is transferred between the two systems once a day. For rapidly changing data (e.g., inventory levels and backorder reports), an interface is designed for IPW to directly access data in an ERP system.


In future development of new complementary solutions in IPW, only an extension of the existing integration needs to be made. This entails both security and economic benefits. In cases where all or part of the underlying ERP system is replaced (e.g., a financial system), changes only need to be made to the integration tables. The user interface remains unchanged. This means that your employees and customers (if they have access) do not have to adapt to a new solution.


Our current integration options are:

  • Axapta (Dynamics AX)
  • Navision (Dynamics NAV)
  • Concorde XAL
  • SAP
  • Movex
  • ASPECT 400
  • P4
  • DC4
  • SharePoint