“Hydrema now has two – and only two – systems: Our ERP and IPW”

Jesper Hvid Richter, HSEQ Manager, Hydrema Group


Originally, we used IPW as a quality management system. Then, we added the whole range including environment, work environment, and safety. Today, IPW is our management system, and it is constantly evolving.


At Hydrema, we have two success criteria: Having everything in its place and ensuring that things are usable. Some years ago, IPW served as our quality management system – it was production-oriented with instructions, checklists, and controls. Now, it has been expanded to include environment, work environment, and safety, making IPW our HSEQ management system today. In addition to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications, it also covers complaint handling, machine control, and part inspection.


Integration with ERP and External Access

Along the way, we changed our ERP system and complaints – which used to be handled manually – now interface with our ERP system. We have also initiated LEAN practices with IPW, and finally, our support department has started using IPW for service. Here, we have set up an extranet providing external access for our customers to access various information.


A Management System Must Always Be Expandable

In this way, we have ended up with two – and only two – dynamic systems: ERP and IPW. That’s because the entire IPW system is built on the same basic elements. Whether it’s production reports, providing instructions, or interfacing with ERP – fundamentally, it’s a form that can be used for many purposes. And we make sure to do so. The mindset is, “We should be able to adapt to this and that”, and IPW listens and says “Yes, we can make that happen”. And then they develop the system further.


Good Collaboration is All About People

It heavily relies on the people involved. More employees have joined IPW, and at Hydrema more and more people are getting involved but the foundation remains the same. Everyone is focused on development, and we actively participate in customer seminars, experience sharing (ERFA), and knowledge sharing.

“The mindset is, ‘We should be able to adapt to this and that.’ IPW listens and says, ‘Yes, we can make that happen.’ And then they develop the system further.”

Jesper Hvid Richter, HSEQ Manager, Hydrema Group

About Hydrema

Hydrema Group manufactures high-tech construction machinery, equipment, and mine clearers and has a global network of sales and service departments with subsidiaries in major Western European countries and local importers and distributors in other parts of the world. The company has approximately 600 employees and has two production facilities – one at the headquarters in Støvring and one in Weimar, Germany.